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Scratch that special deal today that you're not actually interested in and create your own deal! Get specs on a great group-buying opportunity, create a "pool", and get others to join!

Pool Popping is full of expert tips on how to launch and land an efficient group-buying program. You'll also find secret access to our early bird pool party coupons!
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With LetsPool the control is absolutely in your hands. We don't believe in spamming you with daily deals, but in empowering you with the technology to organize your own. Our philosophy is that micro-distribution can help any product become affordable and our only interest is in supporting you to make that happen.


Scratching Itches
with LetsPool!

LetsPool! is the brainchild of a community of programmers who've faced the same challenges you have with group-buying. If you read about some of our frustrations you'll empathize with why we put time aside to build this service. Welcome to the first peer-to-peer group-buying platform! Create your own pool [party!] and have fun shopping!